The Symposium’s afternoon programme will include 8 thematic breakout sessions where the experts of T-Systems Hungary and it’s partner companies will deliver theme-based presentations. Each thematic breakout session will focus on solutions that determine the competitiveness and operational efficiency of a company. During the sessions the key technological trends of the present and future will also be showcased.


The ever-accelerating development of the infocommunication technologies fundamentally and globally change our daily habits and transform our demands. This development receives a great role in manufacturing and logistics as well. In the Industry breakout session we will place the emphasis on typically bottle-neck topics such as maintenance timing, objective performance measurement or the whiplash-effect.
One of the key players of the global tyre manufacturing industry will let you have an insider’s peek into the cutting-edge technologies that contribute to their long-term and sustainable performance in the market. The session will also include BI-world defining new trends, i.e. analytics and decision making. Guests of the session may learn about an enhanced data analytical solution through practical examples that can transform vast amount of data from various sources into business decision supporting and relevant information in a fast and simple manner.

State Administration, Big Companies, Education Session

Digital citizenship, plans for the introduction of digital national currencies - these words are not from a Hugo Award winning sci-fi novel but integral parts of our everyday life and the near future. In this digital transformation not only the role of IT has changed but a new digital generation has been raised with completely different expectations towards services and their digitisation. What challenges, solutions and new services have surfaced in this dynamically changing space on strategic and practical level? In our session we want to focus on our progress made in the field of features ensuring us the essential competitive edge we need for state administration and the digital transformation of state-owned large companies.


Digital City/Traffic Session

Turning or shaping simple cities into “smart” cities brings fundamental and tangible infrastructural changes to their citizens. The quality of life improves, the array of available services broadens. This is the basic thought behind the digital city improvements, and these are the questions our digital city/transportation breakout session focuses on.

Health-Care Session

2017 marks an important milestone in the Hungarian healthcare. In the past days, weeks and months there has been a significant paradigm shift and transformation in the field. The Healthcare breakout session is to show what we can achieve with the application of technical innovations, with the digitalisation of healthcare, through the introduction the Electronic Healthcare Service Space and the new generation Hospital Information Systems (HIS). The session will also discuss the new technologies and trends in IT that can provide efficient answers to the challenges posed by our era, how IT can serve scientific researches, what impact AI may have on healthcare and how chronic illnesses may be cured with the help of HIS. Also, the session’s programme is meant to present the social benefits and business consequences of a digital healthcare. 

Innovation Session

In the current economic environment only the change and its ever-accelerating speed are constant. Only innovation - covering all aspects of the business operation - can provide the right solution. We can, however, only be innovative if we can somewhat predict future, if we know what future trends will determine the innovation activity.
Through the presentations of the innovation session we will let you have a peek into this future. We will find out how the B2B sector’s digital transformation may benefit from the 5G mobile technology, and we will also learn how an Open Innovation Lab can support large business innovation.

IT Security Session

Security in the cyberspace is of key importance that must provide stability, reliability and a safe environment for the users of IT tools. 
By 2020 the number of tools operating in the cyberspace may reach 100 billion and the annual data traffic can go up as high as several zettabytes. In such an environment only those organizations can remain productive and effective that have dynamic and reliable protection systems and can adequately respond to cyber attacks, even within minutes
In the cyber security section we try to find answers to future cyber security issues.

Trade and Media Session

Our ultimate intention is to be able to present our retail- and media-driven Smart solutions in this breakout session. This year we will broaden our focus and extend our attention to the media field. We want to present „Smart Solutions” and prove that we can offer solutions for both the retail and the media industries.

Financial Institutes Session

Banks’ approach to fintech and insurtech companies have changed significantly during the past year or so.
While earlier they looked at them as potential competitors, nowadays most banks claim, they are looking for ways to co-operate with fintech companies or better said building a possible sustainable business model next to the excellent digital UX they provide.
In our program, McKinsey’s Key Note on Fintech and InsurTech trends will be followed by shows of 3 FinTech Labs in Hungary and CEE. Later we will have experts’ presentations on 2 of the upcoming challenges to banks: Instant Payments and GDPR.